Customization of Microsoft Outlook Web App 2010

This article is all concerning Customization of Microsoft Outlook web app 2010. It provide wealthy internet primarily based setting for accessing a user’s mail box as well as security, in operation with contacts, victimization public folder, exploitation keyboard shortcuts, calendar , tasks etc. with any browser and server.  It provides customize features of Outlook web content 2010.

Custom owa 2010

Customize Outlook web App services includes following:

•    Log in Page Customization of Outlook web App 2010
•    All the inner pages area customize of Outlook Web App 2010
•    Modifying the user interface on any page apart from the log in page.
•    Customization of log out page, with shut and re log in button

Customize Owa 2010

Microsoft Outlook web App virtually runs altogether the computers in an exceedingly company or in a corporation. Therefore currently it’s become very easy to using it. It customize the authentication logic and also the default user interface. Custom Outlook web App 2010 makes straightforward for using closely integrate custom application by using Outlook Web App user interface modification in Custom Outlook Web App 2010. You’ll be able to use the elements of Outlook web App in your web content and applications by formulating URLs and then using the ensuing HTML. In adding to integration custom App, it modifies the default Outlook theme. The customize themes applies to both premium and light version.  If you have got multiple servers that supporting Outlook web App and if you wish to use them with a similar sign in, error pages and language, then you have to repeat the modified files to every server. And you must also create a duplicate copy of your customize files. can customize it with your branding ideas for your company! Contact to discuss your requirements further and Get A Quote